Edgardo Travaglini

Edgardo Travaglini, was born in Fano (Pesaro). He begins engraving in Urbino, where he attends the famous State Institute of Art and Fine Arts for the Decoration and Illustration of Books, specialising in engraving techniques of Copper-engraving (etching aquafortis). It is in Urbino that Travaglini's interest and passion for engraving first-began. He invented an interpretation of Duke Federico, of the Ducal Palace, of the artistic world of Urbino to which he is linked for life and for reasons of his work: a cultural, spiritual and visual re-examination of Urbino Renaissance.

In 1974 the art critic Giuseppe Marchiori writes: < ... It is important to state immediately that Travaglini has not followed those very fashionable typical sign-models of aquafortis used by Morandi or Bartolini which were a basis for a scale of values for at least thirty years in Italian art, until the fatal 1960, the "still life" and the "landscape" genres have always been lifeless to Travaglini, who, since the very beginning, created bizarre motifs of faint semantic inspiration, of seventeenth-century book ornaments, motifs cadenced in space...>.

In 1993 on occasion of his personal exhibition in Urbino at the University Centre (Petrangolini Palace) "The Sign of the Imaginary" the famous contemporary writer Paolo Volponi autographs two essays (presentation and poetry) for the engraver Travaglini in two art-cards.

Among the many exhibitions at national and international level, the following deserve a special mention : 1968 - VENICE, Biennial of Contemporary Italian Engraving; VIENNA, Ausstellung für Graphic des Europahauses; 1969 - BARCELLONA, I^ Muestra Internacional de Grabado; 1970 - L'AQUILA, "Structure in Graphic Art"; 1971 - PARIS - MARSEILLE - GRENOBLE, Exhibition of Italian Engravers; 1972 - WORCHESTER, International Graphic Art; 1970-73 - GRENCHEN, International Triennial für Farbige Druk- Graphik; 1974 - NEW YORK, Pratt Grafics Center; 1975 - PADOVA, "La Chiocciola" Gallery International Graphics; 1978 - SAN GALLEN, "Artists from Urbino"; CRACOW, International Biennial de la Gravure; 1980 - PISTOIA, International Biennial of Engraving; 1982 - CRACOW, Exhibition of Italian Engravers; IBIZA, (E) Muestra Internacional de Grabado; 1988 - KLAGENFURT-GRAZ, Kulturand de Stadt; 1989 - BUCHAREST, National Museum "Italian Graphics"; 1990 - BIELLA, International Engraving Prize; HELSINKI, Arts Museum - Italian Graphics; PESARO, Chrono-Video- Grafie; 1991 - BEIRUT, Institute of Culture, "Engravers from Urbino"; 1992 - JESI (An), "Graphic Art in the Marches"; 1994 - FANO (Pu), Artexhibition- Jazz by the sea; 1995 - CRACOW, Sztuka Rytownicza w Marche; 1996 - FABRIANO (An), "In Chartis" the Art-Book in the Marches. 1997 - Trevi Flash Art Museum; 1998 - Biennial of Contemporary Italian Art; Trevi Flash Art Museum; 2000 - KRANJ (Slovenia) The World Festival of Art on Paper; 2001 - LAHITI (Finland) 4th International Miniprint Triennal 2002 - Saragozza - Ascoli Piceno, "Il Segno nel Tempo" - Xilografia e Caleografia nelle Marche dal XV al XX secolo

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